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1. 中美关系经历过风风雨雨,但是一直前行。坚持一个中国政策,这是中美关系的政治基础。

china-us relations have been going forward in spite of various twists and turns in the past several decades. the one-china policy constitutes the political foundation of china-us relations.


2. 当然,中美之间也有分歧,双方都需要保持战略定力,坐下来谈。

it is also true that there are some differences between the two countries. but i believe it’s important for both countries to uphold strategic interests, and sit down to talk to each other.


3. 虽然中方是贸易顺差,但是企业生产的产品利润90%以上是美国企业拿走了,中国的生产企业拿到的利润最低只有2%—3%。据有关统计,光去年一年,中美的贸易、投资给美国创造的就业岗位过百万个。

it may be true that china runs a surplus in its trade with the us. but for his company, the truth is over 90% of the profits go to us firms, and the profit margins for his business is a merely 2-3%. and there are other statistics too. for example, last year, trade and mutual investment between us created up to one million jobs in the united states.


4. 如果中美发生贸易战的话,首先受损的是外资企业,首当其冲的是美资企业。我们不希望看到打贸易战,贸易战带不来贸易公平,而且双方都受损。

should a trade war break out between china and the united states, it would be the foreign invested companies, in particular us firms that would bear the brunt of it. we don’t want to see any trade war breaking out between the two countries. that wouldn’t make our trade fairer.


5. 我曾经在中国少林寺陪同外宾看过武僧表演,几岁的小武僧一口气翻十几个跟头不费劲,而练过十几年武功的青年武僧翻三五个跟头就了不得了,主要是块头大了。

i recall that i once watched a martial arts performance at shaolin temple during which a child monk would be able to do over a dozen somersaults at one go quite easily, but even several such consecutive somersaults for an adult monk would be quite an achievement, because they are different in their sizes.


6. 增长6.5%这个速度不低了,也很不容易。

i'd like to point out that the growth target of around 6.5 percent is not a low speed and it will not be easy to meet.


7. 如果今年中国实现经济增长目标,增量比去年还要大。

if we can achieve about a 6.5% gdp growth target in 2017, it will generate more additional economic output than we had last year.

8. 对于这些风险点,我们是高度关注的,发现了会及时处置、靶向治疗,不会让它蔓延。当然,我还必须要强调,中国金融体系总体是安全的,不会发生系统性风险。

we are fully aware of the potential risks, and we will take prompt and targeted measures to prevent them from further spreading. i should point out that china's financial system is generally stable and there is no systemic risk.


9. 我们在中高速行进当中也会系紧安全带,不会让风险急性发作,更不会发生区域性或者系统性的风险。

as china pursues medium-high speed growth, we need to fasten our seat belts and prevent any acute outburst of financial risks and we will also make sure we will prevent any regional or systemic risk.


10. 关起门来以邻为壑,解决不了问题。

we believe that to take a closed-door policy and beggar-thy-neighbor approach will not make anyone a winner in this process.


11. 我们就是要打造开放的高地、投资的热土,和世界共享发展机遇。

we will continue to open this country at a higher level and maintain this country as a popular destination for investment. we welcome other partners to work with us to share in the development opportunities in china.


12. 至于维护全球贸易的自由化,这需要世界各国共同努力,因为天下是天下人的天下。

as for liberalization of global trade, we believe all countries need to work together to push it forward. this globe belongs to us all, and we all need to do our bit.


13. 只要是有利于贸易自由化的,我们都会去参与、去推进,而且中国人明白,要用开放抓住全球化的机遇,不管有什么挑战都不能错过。

china will continue to remain engaged in and participate in liberalization of global trade. we believe that it's essential for one to seize the opportunities of opening up in globalization. these are opportunities that no one should miss out on.


14. 简政放权核心是要转变政府职能,处理好政府和市场的关系,这不是一朝一夕之功。

the core of this reform is to transform government functions and balance relations between the government and the market. this reform of the government cannot be accomplished over night.


15. 简言之,就是要向依法依规的市场主体发出前行、前行、再前行的信号;向依靠劳动创业创新者亮起可以、可以、再可以的绿灯;对那些违法违规不良行为,就要及时亮出黄牌,甚至出红牌罚他下场。

in a nutshell, what the government should do is send a resounding message of “yes” to all in the law abiding market entities, flash a green light for “go-ahead” to all the hard-working entrepreneurs and innovators, and seriously deal with all violations of laws and regulations by resolutely showing them a "yellow card" of stern warning, or even a "red card" to send them out of the market.


16. 简政放权、放管结合、优化服务的改革,这不仅会触动利益,而且要触动灵魂。

government reform to streamline administration, enhance regulation and provide better services is a reform that will upset established interests. it also stirs big change in one’s mindset or thinking, too. 


17. 为政之要就是要舍小利、顾大义、顺民心。

the essence of governance is to always act in the overall interest of the whole country, rather than just acting in one's narrow department or interests. 



china has been committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, to peace and stability on the korean peninsula and to resolving issues through dialogue. that has been china's consistent and clear-cut position.


19. 我们希望的是,各方共同努力,把紧张的气氛降下来,使大家都回到对话的轨道上来,最终解决问题。按常理说,谁也不愿意自己的家门口整天闹个不停。

what we hope is that all the parties concerned will work together to de-escalate the situation, get issues back on the track of dialogue and work together to find proper solutions. it's just common sense that no one wants to see chaos at his doorstep.


20. 就业对我们这样一个13亿多人口的大国来说是最大的民生。

employment is of paramount significance for such a large country as china, with 1.3 billion people. 


21. 我们要营造有利于创业就业的环境,不是靠政府去提供铁饭碗,而是让人民群众用劳动和智慧去创造或者说打造金饭碗。

for the government, its job is to create a good environment and necessary conditions for our people, to use their own wisdom and hard work, and to generate golden opportunities for themselves, rather than just relying on the government to hand them a job.

22. 我们完全有能力扩大就业,不会也不允许出现大规模群体性失业,对于一时不能就业、生计没有着落的群众,政府会负起责任,保障他们的基本生活。

the chinese government will not allow massive unemployment in particular groups of people. we believe we have the conditions to prevent it. and the government will also provide assistance to help meet the basic needs of those who have difficulty in getting jobs for the time being and those who have difficulty in meeting their basic needs.


23. 中国很多企业是有文化的,他们对老职工有感情,去新岗位就业了,企业仍然还会给一些补贴,扶上马、送一程。

in china, many of these sectors have strong corporate culture themselves with very strong attachment to their old loyal employees. so these companies may even continue to provide some subsidies to their loyal employees to give them a leg-up for what they are going to do next.


24. 中国有句古话:有恒产者有恒心。

our ancestors believe that one shall have his peace of mind when he possesses a piece of land.


25. 国务院已经要求有关部门作了回应,就是可以续期,不需申请,没有前置条件,也不影响交易。

the state council has asked relevant departments to look at this matter. the renewal of the term will not be any problem. no application needs to be filed. there will be no preset conditions and it will not affect any deal being made over the property.


26. 可能有人会问:你们只是说,有法律保障吗?我在这里强调:国务院已经责成相关部门就不动产的保护相关法律抓紧研究提出议案。

some people may say this is not enough. will there be legal safeguards for this right? i want to tell you that the state council has entrusted relevant departments to lose no time in coming up with the proposal for revision of relevant laws.


27. 一国两制的实践要不动摇、不走样、不变形。

the "one country, two systems" principle needs to be steadfastly applied in hong kong without being bent or distorted. 


28. 准备今年在香港和内地试行债券通,也就是说允许境外资金在境外购买内地的债券,这是第一次,香港是近水楼台先得月。

this year, we are considering establishing a bond market connection between the mainland and hong kong, allowing for the first time overseas capital to access mainland bond markets from overseas. and hong kong will be the first to benefit from such arrangement. 

29. 减少收费,那政府就要过紧日子。中央政府要带头,一律减少一般性支出5%以上。

in cutting fees, the government needs to tighten its belt. the central government needs to take the lead in doing so and the requirement for the government this year is to cut its general expenditure by no less than 5%.


30. 我们就是要用政府的换来企业的,让企业轻装上阵,提高竞争力。

we will use these painful adjustments on the part of the government to ensure that things will be much more convenient and easier for our businesses to enhance their competitiveness on the market.


31. 两岸是骨肉同胞,血浓于水,不管岛内形势如何变化,都割断不了两岸的亲情。

people on the two sides of the taiwan straits are brothers and sisters. blood is thicker than water. no matter how the situation on the island may evolve, this fraternal bond between the two sides cannot be severed.


32. 我们对台方针是一贯的、明确的,就是要坚持体现一个中国原则的九二共识这个政治基础,坚决反对台独

our policy towards taiwan has been consistent and clear-cut — that is, we will continue to adhere to the 1992 consensus, which embodies one-china principle — as the political foundation, oppose resolutely taiwan independence.


33. 我们会继续提供优惠,让台商、台湾同胞和大陆一起共享发展的机遇,终归我们是一家人。

this kind of preferential policy will be maintained and we hold that people on both sides will share the country’s development opportunities. after all, we are family.


34. 大自然的阴晴风雨不是人类能支配的,但是我们可以支配我们的行为,可以转变我们的发展方式。

we may not be able to control the weather of nature, but we are able to decide what behavior we will adopt and to transform china's growth model.


35. 国家为此将设立专项基金,不惜重金组织最优秀的相关科学家攻关,抓紧把雾霾形成的未知因素找出来,使我们治理雾霾更加有效。

the country will set up a special fund to pull together the finest scientists to dig into this matter so that our responses to this problem can be made more effective.